Another Week Gone By

Did you make it a good one? There has been a lot of negative attention on our target communities here and abroad. The #GovernmentShutdown has left many with a sense of uncertainty about their future. We are still working to make sure all are safe, have their basic needs met, and have continued access to education.
Our Kpanga Krim fundraiser is underway to help students in Sierra Leone have the education they need to be successful in life.
The new cycle is a downer, but we can make a difference. Your donation helps children grow. It helps not only the children in Sierra Leone but the children right here in the United States.
Stay strong. Resist. Build community.

~ Marie~

About Marie Danysh

Teacher, mom, rockstar. I'm also a social justice activist and a pro-education advocate.

Judith Lahai Day

This past Saturday, January 13, was Judith Lahai Day in Houston. Mayor Bill White dedicated the day to Judith in 2006 in honor of her tireless work with the immigrant community in the City of Houston. She continues to work with the community in Houston and abroad.

About Marie Danysh

Teacher, mom, rockstar. I'm also a social justice activist and a pro-education advocate.

2018 is a year for action!

Wow! We made it through 2017 intact. It was a year of many ups and downs from a change in presidents to the devastating mudslides in Sierra Leone. Through it all, we have remained consistent in our mission – to provide education and assistance to the immigrant community in Houston and abroad in Sierra Leone.

In June, Judith was a part of a medical mission to Sierra Leone that successfully provided supplies to a local hospital. She was also invited to speak at the 2017 Youth Human Rights International Human Rights Summit in August.

2018 will be no different. Judith will be going on another medical mission this June and we are in the process of building a primary school in the Kpanga Krim chiefdom in Sierra Leone to aid children ages 5-8 in attending school.

We appreciated your support in 2017 and hope we can continue to count on your help to increase education and healthy living in our world.

Happy New Year! I can’t wait to see what this one will bring!


About Marie Danysh

Teacher, mom, rockstar. I'm also a social justice activist and a pro-education advocate.

Medical Training Mission to Sierra Leone

Operating Room PujeHun District Government Hospital

Operating Room
Pujehun District Government Hospital

 Campaign to fund a Medical Training Mission to Bo and Pujehun, Sierra Leone ~ June 2016


This is a District Government Hospital operating room, in Pujehun, Sierra Leone.

What better way to do good, then to donate this season!

We believe in the power of one. One individual, one donation can have a lasting if not life-and-death impact on many another. The cumulative power of many people donating to the same cause, is what

CrowdFunding allows. You can donate and be a part of changing lives, while seeing our progress in achieving or goals and objectives.

Donate and help us fund more initiatives. Thank You!



About Judith Lahai

Founder & CEO of the Family Empowerment Services, Inc a 501(c)3 registered in the US and Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Welcome to Family Empowerment Services!

What is Family Empowerment Services (FES)?

The Family Empowerment Services is a 501(c)3 registered in Houston and Sierra Leone as a non-profit organization that specializes in the education and provision of aid to families in need locally and abroad. The mission of Family Empowerment Services is to improve prospects for low socio-economic individuals, families, and organizations and communities globally. By promoting a comprehensive community-based support system, we can create a bond with community actors, such as community leaders and residents of all social classes, trade unions, business leaders, and institutions; together, we can identify and meet community needs.